Many thanks to Rafaele Andrade and Roxeane Yampolschi directors of the Weaving Music for Radio by Latin American Women Composers, for the comission of the piece.


Occisiones Rituales

Piece comissioned by Weaving Music for Radio by Latin American Women Composers, supported by the International Fund from the Promotion of Culture, UNESCO.

Voice, Bass Flute, Bass Clarinet, Violin, Violoncello, Percussion, Electronics and Objects Theater.

Ficha Técnica

(Español) Estreno Sábado 24 de Febrero 2018.

Capela de Santa Maria Brasil

Tania Rubio – Composición musical, teatro de objetos, escenografía y dirección escénica.

Débora Bérgamo (Voz),

Dhiego Lima (Violín),

Shante Antunes (Violoncello),

Ricardo Ross (Flauta Bajo),

Sergio Albach (Clarinete Bajo),

Vinicius Portes (Percusión),

Dirección Musical Ingrid Stein.

Ingenieros de sonido Bruno Haller, Felipe de Almeida Ribero.

Iluminación Luiz Felipe Stellfeld

Staff Francisco Cardoso

Equipo de grabación Jonathan Portela, Luiz Fernandes Neto, Alexandre de Faria Oliveira

Fotografías del ensayo, cortesía de Bruno Haller


For mi, the music of radio is associated with acousmatic, where you can focus your listening into a metaphorical level, by opening your imagination from what is behind the sound. This is a very important aspect of listening because it is accessible to everyone, it means, you don’t need to be a musician to free your imagination about what are you hearing.

I work the metaphorical listening in relation to the dramaturgy of the sound.

By the other hand, music for radio is connected to media, they are the source to spread information and the sound diversity of cultural and musical listening.

In this piece, I work with media manipulation, about the information that is in circulation around the general population, against the information that concerned to a very specific circle. For example, the material that I use in the electronics where I use field recordings of different machines that are “invisible” to common people but very dangerous to a lot of living beings.

The machine world has many different effects on living beings, for example, the noises produced by mining, military sonar, fossil fuel, etc. that aren’t a big part of human’s soundscapes life but are causing multiple damages for some species that depend on acoustic signals communication to survive, like whales. I think is important to listen to this sounds and be aware of what are we doing into our planet.


“Occisiones Rituales” is a concept by the Mexican anthropologist López Austin, that refers to the sacrifices made by Mexicas ancient culture. In my piece, I make this connection into the modern way of living where humans sacrifice every living being and themselves for the empowerment of a minority. The symbolic universe of ancient cultures disappears in hands of the progress of “civilization” and modernity.

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