Tania Rubio

Between Wilderness and Civilization

Fecha del Evento: 19/02/2020
Hora del Evento: 7:00 pm

[:es]Lauschen & Lauern is Part II of a project series by the artist Judith Egger, in which she enters the field of tension between “wilderness and civilization”.

Why do we long all the more for the unknown, irrational and other, the more secure and functional the surrounding reality is? With the Enlightenment, the Western world has banished mythical thought and appropriated a rationalistic and self-centered view of nature. In the meantime, however, the ecological and social challenges associated with the Anthropocene have raised the question of whether our way of perceiving the world actually does justice to its complexity. The more we feel secure by the civilization’s achievements of technology, medicine, and culture, and who appreciate the high, regulated standards we have, the stronger a sense of alienation becomes. At the same time, the need arises for a new connection with the uncontrollable, other, vague.