Tania Rubio

Wind Mind

Vocal Quintet
Dedicated to Neue Vocalsolisten

Vocal Quintet premiered by Neue Vocalsolisten from Stuttgart.

Leicht Über Linz 2019, Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität



Leicht über Linz

Quinteto Vocal

Estreno por Neue Vocal Solisten Ensemble

[:en]“When you feel empty,
you have to open up your heart
and let the wind sweep through it.”
The Conference of Birds

Vocal quintet specially dedicated to Neue Vocalsolisten
Sopran – Susanne Leitz-Lorey
Mezzosopran – Truike van der Poel
Martin Nagy – Tenor
Guillermo Anzorena – Bariton
Andreas Fischer – Bass

Premiered December 3rd 2019, “Leicht über Linz” at the Anton Bruckner Private University

The piece look into the relation between three topics, first of them, animal languages from insects and birds. Second, the Sufi Persian poetry book “The conference of Birds” from Farid ud Din Attar, in which birds are looking for their “sheikh” spiritual leader. During the piece, I use sound syllable, as a metaphor of “searching” as a state in mind through sound. And third, Zaum poetry as a transracional language without a definite meaning. Wind Mind aims to create a communication network that is not represented by words and meanings, but by sounds and the experience of perception between listening and sounding.


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