List of Works

Grito Silente del Mar – 2023

for Flutes, objects and electronics

Commissioned by Ciclo Cervantes

Written for Patricia Garcia


Klangwelten – 2023

Electroacoustic music and video

Supported by Goethe Institut Koproduktionsfonds


Umwelt – 2023

for Clarinet solo, multichannel electronics and video

Supported by Goethe Institut Koproduktionsfonds


Acoustic Fields – 2023

for Percussion dúo

Written for Ellen Ugelvik and Jennifer Torrence


Lunar Sea – 2022, México

Musik Theater for 22 Voices, Ensemble, Electronics, Video and Dance

Supported by FONCA, Jóvenes Creadores 2021-2022


Heterotopías – 2022, México

Musiktheater for Bass Clarinet, Percussion, Multichannel electronics, Video and Objects Theater

Written for Duplum


K’ob – 2022

Percussion solo and electronics

Commissioned by Festival Pàayt’an, Yucatán

Written for Iván Manzanilla


The Language of  Water – 2021

Ensemble and electronics

Commissioned by Crespo Foundation


Aus der Asche – 2021

Guitar solo and electronics

Commissioned by Heike Mathiessen


Wolf Women – 2021

for 2 Percussion players


Stimmen der Bäume – 2021

for 12 Percussion players and 4 brasses


Suicide Machinery – 2021

Music theater for 4 voices, cello, percussion, objects theater, electronics and video


Sprachen der Natur – 2021

Electroacoustic music


Ludwig en el aire – 2020

for Piccolo, recorder, clarinet Bb, sax soprano, violin, viola, violoncello, double bass, percussion and electronics 

Written for Liminar ensemble

Commissioned by Foro de Música Nueva Manuel Enriquez


Rito Funerario a la Muerte del Sol – 2020

Electroacoustic music

Commissioned by Museo Amparo


Tier – 2020

Precolumbian instruments and live electronics.

Commissioned by Judith Egger


Chorus of the Dawn – 2019-2020

Electroacoustic music

Commissioned by Primer Encuentro Internacional de Grabación de Campo, Puerto Vallarta


Wind Mind – 2016

for Vocal quintet

Written for Neue Vocalsolisten 


The Banality of Evil – 2019, Germany

Music theater for voice, flute and performer

Commissioned by Archiv Frau und Musik


Unspoken Languages – 2019

for 22 voices and percussion

Commissioned by Archiv Frau und Musik.

Written for Response Project


Windows of Listening – 2019

Electroacoustic music

Commissioned by Skop Festival


Biotopos – 2017

Electroacoustic music


Natural Mutations – 2019

Electroacoustic music

Commissioned by Electroacoustic Music Studies Network EMS


Paisaje Sonoro en Coatetelco – 2019

Electroacoustic music

Commissioned by Unam


Axolotl – 2019

Music theater for male voice, recorders and electronics

Commissioned by UMS N JIP


Yolcatl – 2018

for Precolumbian instruments

Commissioned by  Palacio de Cortés


H’ear through the wat_air B’earth – 2018

Dúo for Female voice, percussion, 4 channel electronics, and objects theater  Commissioned by CMMAS, Festival Internacional Cervantino


Cuando el agua corre, escúchala caer – 2018

Electroacoustic music

Commissioned by Festival Nativo


Re-rewriting (1946-2018) – 2018

for 6 Female voices and electronics


Los 7 Colores de la Luna – 2015, 2018

for Open Ensemble

Written for Ensamble Liminar


Occisiones Rituales – 2018, Brazil

Music Theater for Female Voice, Flute, Bass Clarinet, Violin, Violoncello, Percussion, Objects Theater and Electronics.


Tribute for Nancarrow – 2017, México.

Electroacoustic music



Conlon Nancarrow Percussion Orchestra – 2017



Bye Bye Pauline Butterfly – 2017

Electroacoustic music

Tribute to Pauline Oliveros


El pensamiento, una forma elevada de respiración – 2016

for Flute and Female Voice


Soa Terra – 2016

for Violoncello and multichannel electronics

Written for Iracema de Andrade


Transobjetividades Urbanas – 2016

Electroacoustic music


Homem Duro – 2016

Electroacoustic music


Pienso, luego me desaparecen – 2016, 

for Clarinet quartet


Witzikitl Itekyo – 2016

Electroacoustic music and shadow theater for kids


Los Animales Símbolo de las Altas Culturas – 2016

Electroacoustic music


Articulaciones Sonoras – 2015

Audiovisual piece commissioned by “Itinerarios Coreográficos, Visualización Reflexiva de la obra de Pilar Medina” CENIDI-DANZA, CONACULTA-PADID


Entomofagia – 2015

Electroacustic colaborative piece: Bruno Mesz, Eliana Rosales, Facundo Suasnabar y Tania Rubio


Insectum Estridulitum – 2015

Sound Sculpture


Correspondencias – 2014

Music theater for Violin, viola, violoncello  double bass and performers

Supported by FONCA,  “Residencias Artísticas 2012″


Esquizofonía – 2014

for Pierrot Ensamble 

Written for Ensamble Liminar


Sexo, drogas y el lado oscuro de la luna – 2014

for Pierrot Ensamble 


Asesinato Espejo – 2012

for female voice, 2 clarinets Bb and saxophone quartet. 

Awarded by UNAM


Focus – 2012

Sound Installation 

Commissioned by Ingrid Sac


Savannah la Mar – 2009

for  2 Flutes C and G, and 2 saxophones  soprano and tenor, amplified in 4 channels 


Mirada Acústica – 2011

Music theater for Percussion (2 Marimbas, balafón,  bass drum) and dancer