Tania Rubio

Sprachen der Natur

8 Channel Electronics

The piece is part of my artistic research on “Biomusic, from animal communication to music composition”. During the last 10 years, I have been recording different natural soundscapes, mainly in Latin America and central Europe. During my short lifetime, I have been listening and perceiving how the natural soundscapes are changing, getting noisier from the technophonic intrusion and quieter from the native species. With the current piece, I intend to transfer my listening and emotional experience of the transformation of the soundscapes through an imaginary aural world. The question that triggered the origin of the piece was: How do the anthropogenic effects in the natural ecosystems sound like?

I want the audience to travel to a poetic world where humans, animals, and machines coexist in a complex reality, in which every action produces an effect in naturecultures.

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