The Banality of Evil

Music Theater, for Flute C, Voice and Performer

Tania Rubio Portrait Concert
Composer in Residence 2019
Archiv Frau und Musik
Höschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst

Premiere 17 de October, 2019

Objects Theater Piece for Flute, Voice and Performer with 3 short scenes:
1. Silent spring.
2. The flight.
3. Fly fly butter-flies.

It is inspired in the book “Silent Spring” by Rachel Carson, scientific documentation and revelation of a contaminated planet by human irresponsible activity. The war against nature promote by chemical industry to kill every insect, bird and living organism named “undesirable”.

During the process, I recorded birds vocalization in natural reserves in Frankfurt, for the creation of this piece, nevertheless, on September 19th 2019, comes out a paper about 50 years of scientific research of birds conservation that reveals that 2.9 billions of birds have been disappeared because of human impact in nature. The terrible news shocked me, and totally change my way of listening into nature.


Voice Maren Schwier
Flute Sarah Heemann
Performance Gal Fefferman


Photographs thanks to Elisabeth Brendel