Dúo for PreColumbian wind instruments, small percussions and electronics.
Festival Páayt’aan
México, 2022
Thanks to Festival Páayt’aan!

The archeologist Silvia Garza discovered several archeological pieces from Mesoamerican cultures from 600 aC. in the Xochicalco pyramids.
Some of them are sound artifacts with representations of animals of a highly symbolic value.

After being buried for many years, in 2018, I had the opportunity to record them for the first time. I used their sounds to construct the electroacoustic section and as an inspiration for composing the piece.

Besides, I also made field recordings of the native animals represented on those instruments.

Yolcatl is a Nahuatl word that means an animal, their representation in the sound artifacts in a symbolic way, intends to connect the underworld with divinity through the sound.

In this piece, I want to join the voices of ancient sacred instruments with the living animals and contemporary clay instruments into a new spiritual time-space.

*You can listen to an extract of the rehearsal in the link below. A special moment in the night singing to the moonlight!

Composer: Tania Rubio



Performers: Iván Manzanilla and Tania Rubio