Tania Rubio

About me

I am a composer, sound artist, researcher and field recordist. I focus on contemporary concert music, multichannel electroacoustic music and sound installation. My line of research focuses on acoustic ecology, and soundscape studies, with particular interest in the intersections between sound art and biological sciences. I am the recipient of several awards and grants, most recently, "Sistema Nacional de Creadores de Arte 2023-2026"; “Sharing Knowledge” by the Danish Composers' Society and Art Music Denmark in collaboration with Initiative Neue musik, Berlin 2023; "Internationaler Koproduktionsfonds 2022-2023" by the Goethe Institut, "Art/Nature Composer in Residence 2021" by the Crespo Foundation, in Glekeen Garden, Ireland. "Jovenes Creadores FONCA 2021-2022", "Composer in Residence 2019" by the Archiv Frau und Musik in collaboration with the Höschule für musik und Darstellende Kunst in Frankfurt, Germany. "Arte, Ciencia y Tecnología ACT, FONCA-UNAM 2019-2020", "Ibermemoria Sonora y Audiovisual 2021" in collaboration with Abirds and the Centro de Investigaciones Biológicas de la UAEM. I am currently pursuing doctoral studies focused on "Biomusic" with Carola Bauckholt at the Anton Bruckner Private University, in Austria. Graduated from the Master in Musical Creation, New Technologies and Traditional Arts, from UNTREF; Specialization in Object Theater, Interactivity and New Media from UNA, in Argentina, with support from the program Studies Abroad 2015-2017 of FONCA-CONACYT. Graduated in 2014 with honors from the Faculty of Music of the UNAM.

For me, creating music is about constantly asking questions and making decisions. The choices I make in my artwork, try to provoke and generate something in the listener.