Dúo for PreColumbian Wind Instruments, Small Percussions and Electronics


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Portrait Concert

Frankfurt, Alemania

Piece commissioned by the anthropologist Rodolfo Candelas, director of Cuauhnahuac Musem, for the exhibition “The animals during prehispanic Morelos”. The electronics are made with field recordings from the original pre-Columbian instruments from 600 aC. founded by archeologist Silvia Garza in Xochicalco pyramids at Morelos state. The archeologists allow me to see the reserved pieces stored in the cellars, where I have the chance to sound and record them, mostly by first time after being buried for many years. By the other hand, I made field recordings of endemic animals of Morelos, and also work with recordings provided by biologist Fernando Urbina to collect every voice of endemic animal in Morelos state. The pieces at the exhibition where recently founded in the archeological ruins, they are representations of animals with highly symbolic value, trying to connect the underworld with divinity. In this manner, the piece named “Yolcatl”, which means animal in nahuatl, (indigenous living language from Mexico), joined the voices of ancient sacred instruments, symbolic living animals, in relation to contemporary copies of original wind instruments, into a new spiritual time-space.

Tania Rubio Portrait Concert
Composer in Residence 2019
Archiv Frau und Musik
Höschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst
Frankfurt am Main Germany

Photos thanks to Elisabeth Brendel